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User experience is more than just aesthetics. We help marketing, product and design teams optimize their digital products. Websites and apps that succeed thanks to higher engagement, conversion and better usability.

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Actionable insight on how to improve your website or app with our UX audits

We start by understanding your business goals

We look at data and talk to users to give you a report filled with insight

With our “satisfaction guarantee” we revise the report until you’re 100% satisfied

Recent work: Careerfairy

We’ve helped a company streaming events to tens of thousands of users to improve engagement beyond the single live stream.

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Thanks to Sparkr we know our own strength and weaknesses better, we understand where we need to improve and how we can help our users even more in the future.

Max Voss - CTO and cofounder


Receive actionable insights in a bite-sized format

We cut through the noise, delivering actionable insights and practical tips that you can implement right away. It’s the quickest way to elevate your website or app to make it more usable and more profitable.

No one like Sparkr is able to understand what users really want. The team has helped us redesign our product based on users insight.

– Dan de Jong, Head of Product

Fast results

Your sales and conversion goals can't wait. Our swift analysis equips you with strategies for immediate implementation.

Fresh perspective

Sometimes, you need a fresh pair of eyes to unlock hidden potential. Our specialists approach every project with innovative viewpoints to spark creative solutions.

Save costs

We identify avenues for enhanced conversions and usability. This way we help you achieve more and save on your ads budget and on development costs.

Why our UX audit?


Websites with better UX convert up to
400% more users


Of users
buy elsewhere after
experiencing bad UX


Every $1 invested in UX saves you $100 in development

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UX Audit Packages

Chose the right solution for you


Our UX audit of your website or app based on design and marketing best practices.


Actionable insight based on both best practices and insight from users.


You don’t have a team of designers? No worries! We’ll take care of it.


Think of it as an expert review that gives you actionable suggestions on how to improve your website, app or platform. During an audit we look at every aspect of user experience. So not only design, but also flow, text and technical performance.

You’ll receive a report, highlighting the issues we’ve found. We prioritize these issues so that the final result is as actionable as possible for you.

The audit is based on UX best practices and heuristic principles. If you go for the tactical package, we also interview users for usability testing.

Usually we uncover around 4 to 12 issues per page we review. We weight them by priority (high, medium, low) to help your team decide where to start. We don’t want the issues to be too many because we want to focus only on what has an impact.

We look at different aspect of your product, not only design, but also copy and technical performance. So you won’t necessarily need a designer. However, should you need design capacity, we’re happy to offer it as well.

It can be any digital product: website, app or platform. We have reviewed fintech SaaS platforms, charity websites and even wearables. The review can be done on a live product or even on Figma.

We can audit products in any language. For audits with European languages, we pride ourselves of using local users to review the usability.

Let's check what audit is the right fit for your needs