Design of Zoef - an app for travel refunds


Zoef is an app to help train travellers around Europe to get compensations for delays when travelling by train. The challenge has been to design an incredibly easy journey for users adding also engagement features to keep users engaged.

Key features

As key features, the app is mostly built around the chance to get a refund once your train is delayed. So, clearly that needed to be the most important element to give attention to.

Other features that we’ve designed have been: dashboard, automated traveller tracking, journey selection.

Branding and style guide

For the branding the client has asked us to provide a design which is clean and simple. The structure of the app should recall other apps that the user is familiar with (e.g. NS for the Netherlands), but for the look and feel we wanted to go for something new and unconventional. We have then decided to opt for a calming green and a palette of earthy colours.

UX and UI design

Based on the indications of the client, we have designed an easy flow to allow users to get a compensation for their journey if their train is delayed. We have first designed the high-level UX flow and discussed it with the client to find alignment on the functional elements. Then, once the flow has been refined, we have created the UI design.

App logo design

Lastly, we have designed a new logo for the app. The logo needed to be in line with the branding guidelines decided with the client. Being this an app, the new logo should also be easy to transpose into an icon for the App Store. We have presented these 3 options to the client:

The client has picked option 1.

The result

Thanks to our process and working together with the client we have been able to deliver the app and the new assets within 3 weeks from the start of the project. The client has rapidly received the design to launch the new app in the store and test with new users.

Key data

  • Mobility
  • Native app


  • UX design
  • UI design


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