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Sparkr is your team of specialists to improve the key metrics of your digital product. We believe in product-led growth. Great products get noticed and we want yours to be noticed too. We use a combination of research and design to make sure your product is loved by users.

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We don't just rely on guesswork - our success is backed by data. So we're brave enough to commit to tangible results. With our 'Success Guaranteed', your success is our success.

Our proven methodology to elevate your product

1. Analysis

We dive deep into your app, website, or platform to uncover insights, identify bottlenecks, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

2. Research

We gather user feedback, conduct data analysis, and perform usability tests to inform data-driven optimization strategies.

3. Redesign

Then we implement impactful design improvements, enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates.

4. Testing

Validate winning design through testing, comparing variations to maximize engagement and conversion.

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We have contributed to the success of:


How we've helped CareerFairy redesign their platform for engagement and referral

CareerFairy is an event platform for the HR industry. Beyond the single event, we’ve helped them redesign the whole platform to make it engaging for both their B2C and their B2B audience.

  • User research
  • User journey
  • UX and UI design

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